On 5 December 2017 city2science was invited to design and facilitate a co-creative “Open Space” within the European conference Digital Transformation of Corporate Business at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. The conference focused on “Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data – From buzzword to learning to collaboration”.

Digital transformation in companies and universities

Around 120 participants  – researchers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders – explored the impact of present and upcoming digital technologies on company organizations, learning and university degrees. The conference was part of a new Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership developed by Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (coordinator),  University of of Tartu, Estonia and University of Technology in Brno,  Czechoslovakia.

“Open Space” facilitator Annette Klinkert invited paticipants to “Think and Act Outside the Box”: In co-creative settings participants developed and presented szenarios on the future of digitalization in a changing world. A rewarding and fascinating experience!


8:30 Conference registration

9:00 Welcome, Presidency of FH Bielefeld

9:20 Keynote speech A journey of digital discovery & transformation, as told by a black guy from Texas
Samson Williams, Chief Strategy Officer, Axes and Eggs, US

10:00 A Strategic Partnership for Digital Transformation
Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership consortium – FH Bielefeld, U of Tartu / EST, U of Technology Brno / CZ

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Poster presentations
• Blockchain and smart contracts, FH Bielefeld
• Competencies for digital change, U of Technology Brno / CZ
• Universities going digital – best practice, Dream Apply Ltd, Tartu / EST
12:30 Buffet lunch

13:30 Open space event: Digitization of corporate business – experience, views and visions
Moderation: Annette Klinkert, CEO, city2science GmbH, Germany

16:00 Open space wrap-up: results, trends, where do we go from here?