Project Description

Since 2012 cityscience cooperates with the Beijing Association for Science and Technology in Peking (BAST). The collaboration ranges from lectures and workshops based on science festivals to international panel discussions regarding new developments in the field of science communication. city2science is original member of the annualy “International Science Festival Round Table Conference” that was founded 2013 on the initiative of BAST. This board meets simoultaneous to the International Science Festival in Beijing to exchange new ideas and developments in science festivals and science communication. In September 2013 experts from the USA, Australia, South Africa and Europe signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” for further collaboration.

Part of city2science’s services in this cooperation is the coordination and chaperonage of German delegations to Beijing. Thus, a delegation of the Cluster of Excellence “it’s OWL” was invited to universities and companies in Beijing. Besides the Cluster Managament two “Jugend forscht” (German science competition) winners were among this delegation and participated successfully in the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition 2013.

At the invitation of the organisation BAST Dr Annette Klinkert has been participating in the International World Science Festival Beijing annually since 2012. Since 2013 on behalf of BAST city2science has been organising and accompanying visits of the school laboratories “teutolabs” to the Beijing Science Festival .

With more than 80.000 visitors each year the Beijing Science Festival is one of the largest Science Events in China. 2014 the festival presented 147 different organisations with 351 projects related to 14 different topics. On 10.000 m² the festival showed live-experiments, workshops, interactive laboratories and science shows, e.g. related to space, environment, robotics and biology. The teutolabs presented the science festival GENIALE and offered hands-on experiments in the fields of physics and chemistry from 18-22 September, 2014. They were one of 15 nations invited to add an international dimension to the festival.

Based on a successul presentation of the “teutolab” School Laboratories of Bielefeld Univerity at the Beijing Science Festival 2013, city2science was asked to develop an exposé describing possible future cooperations between the teutolabs and the new Beijing Science Center, which will be run by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology.

Excerpt from the proposal:

Idea and Background

The aim of this exposé is to elaborate possible cooperations between the newly conceptualized Beijing Science Center and the internationally renowned German school laboratories teutolabs of Bielefeld University. The cooperations shall be based on a mutual understanding of the benefits of fruitful long-term cooperations between China and Germany in the fields of Science Popularization, Science Dissemination, Teacher Training and interactive Out of School Learning Environments. In Germany the cooperations will be conducted by city2science – Science Communication and Strategy Consulting in Bielefeld. In China the cooperations will be supported by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST).

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