Project Description

In cooperation with Wissenschaft im Dialog and on behalf of the city of Herford city2science organised the local student parliament in Herford 2014, 2016 and 2018. Within the project European Student parliaments around 2.000 students from allover Europe discuss societal challenges of the future.In dialogues with scientists the students develop resolutions on different topics related to the principal theme of the student parliament. 2014  the students discussed “The Future of our city”, 2016 “the Future of the human being” and 2018 “the Future of Mobility”.
The students propose resolutions and defend these resolutions in a parliamentary debate. Afterwards they hand them over to local and european policy makers.

Impressions from Herford


city2science: Our Year 2016

Pictures are worth more than 1000 words! With this caleidoscope of activities we would like to thank all our partners for the successful collaborations in 2017! It was a swirling past year - with lots of new [...]