city2science provides internationally recognized skills in the theory and practice of science communication and public engagement. Based on many years of experience in the theoretical reflection and practical implementation of innovative strategies and formats, the office offers a wide range of services in this constantly evolving field.

From event conception and planning through impact-oriented application development or the elaboration of qualified dissemination strategies to the planning and coordination of stakeholder engagement processes: city2science combines the existing knowledge of the partners with external input. The office supports research projects, municipalities and regions in the development and implementation of innovative formats of science communication and dissemination strategies.

We offer

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing public engagement activities
  • Elaboration of innovative communication formats and dissemination strategies for defined goals and audiences, with a focus on EU funding applications
  • Development of stakeholder engagement strategies, with a focus on EU funding applications
  • Implementation of dissemination strategies across different platforms (print, digital, via on-site activities)
  • Development of strategically integrated, dialogue-oriented public engagement formats
  • Science Communication workshops for scientists

Do you need a communication plan adapted to your needs and want to learn more about innovative science communication? We will create individual offers and concepts on request.

Do not hesitate to contact us!



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