Our first on-site Training in Public Engagement and Science Communication since the beginning of the pandemic! This training in Bochum was special in two different ways: After numerous online-trainings, we facilitated this training on-site in Bochum. Furthermore, the participants were not an insterdisciplinary group as it is in most of our trainings but engineers focussing on tunnel construction.

“Open Science” and “Mission-Oriented-Research”

The first part of the 5-hour training was a theoretical input on trends like “Open Science” and “Mission-Oriented-Research”. These key words both stand for an approach making the European Research and Innovation system more open, transparent and participative. Moreover, the training showed how competences in communicating science can be valuabe for careers within or outside the scientific system and how public engagement and science communication have become a central requirement  in national and international funding schemes. As all of our Public Engagement workshops this training included interactive parts. In this case the participants build their communication approaches with lego. The following questions guided this activity: How do I communicate my research topic? For which stakeholders outside the academia could this knowledge be relevant?

Initiator of this training was the Ruhr University Bochum and the Ruhr Research School. The training was hosted as part of the summer school of the special research field 837 in cooperation with TU Braunschweig