How can we shape, co-create and develop a sustainable Europe together? And how can young people actively participate in the European innovation process, shaping the future of Europe? 

These questions will be addressed in the Digital Social Makerthon  #CreateYourope, organised by city2science from 7-9 May 2021 on behalf of Regionalverband Ruhr, RVR. Partners of this new initiative are the RVR, with the Departments for Education, Social and European Affairs, in cooperation with the European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA. In March 2021, #CreateYourope was selected to be part of the “Europe Week NRW”. Registration is now open via

A Marathon of Creative Ideas

In a dynamic “innovation sprint”, around 60 students from the Ruhr Metropolis and other European cities will be tackling questions on sustainability and climate change. Together with renowned scientists and policy makers, young people will develop creative project ideas for the Metropole Ruhr and impulses for a green, sustainable and participatory Europe.

Making Europe Greener

Based on the motto “Making Europe Greener”, four thematic challenges, dealing with sustainable innovations, mobility and upcycling, as well as a vision for Europe in 2030, will be tackled in co-creative settings. The first three topics will be discussed in German, while the fourth challenge will be tackled in English in an international team with pupils coming from partner cities of the Metropole Ruhr. At the end of the event, the participants will present their results to decision-makers in Ruhr Metropolis.

Social Makerthon

#CreateYourope is organised as a Social Makerthon. Makerthons are an innovative approach for tackling complex societal challenges. The word is made up of the terms “maker” and “marathon”. Makers are creative minds for whom the focus is on DIY and the joint search for solutions. While traditional “hackathons” focus on technical and digital solutions to problems, social makerthons promote diverse approaches to solutions, which may also be of a social and creative nature, for example. Social Makerthons are therefore ideal formats to engage young generations in democratic forms of engagement and thus promote social innovation and inclusion on a local as well as a European level.

Shaping Europe’s Future!

#CreateYourope empowers young people to actively shape the future of Europe. It promotes awareness of the role and rights of young people in regional innovation processes through participatory problem-solving approaches.