Strategy consulting & process support

The office city2science works on the basis of national and international developments in the fields of science communication and knowledge-based urban and regional development. As an active member of various international networks, e.g. EUSEA (European Science Engagement Association) or PSCT (Network for the Public Communication of Science and Technology), city2science detects current trends and incorporates them into its consulting services. The focus of strategic consulting is on the goal of exploiting the joint development potential of municipal, regional and scientific institutions.

Our offer

  • Individual consulting , adapted to the respective needs and profile focus of the site
  • Inventories: Research, evaluation and analysis of data and documents
  • Conception, organization and moderation of workshops and participation formats
  • Creation of SWOT analyses

  • Impulses and recommendations in the context of current national and international developments in the field of science communication and public engagement
  • Dialog-oriented development of long-term action concepts at the interface of science and urban society
  • Support in the implementation and further development of the developed strategies

Are you planning a new strategy for your organization, city or region? On request, we will be happy to create individual offers for your strategy process.

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