We are very happy to invite students & early-career researchers to apply for the 2nd SciCultureD course in Bochum between 08-12 May 2023. SciCultureD is an Erasmus+ project promoting transdisciplinary, empowering, and collaborative learning as a way to tackle ‘wicked’ and pressing problems in our society.

Design Thinking Meets Science Meets a Spirit of Experimentation

SciCultureD goal is to empower learners and help them employ science, arts, and entrepreneurship in a co-creative way to tackle societal challenges, especially those raised by the European Green Deal and/or the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will be introduced to innovative methodologies such as design thinking and creative pedagogies and will be guided to reflect and share their thoughts about a particular societal challenge.

Third places as Spaces for Transformation

During this course, the challenge will be to (re-)think about the transformative role of “third places” and their design. Third places are open spaces that differ from the two other environments we live in, which are private homes and workplaces/schools/universities. Examples of third places include cafes, maker spaces, public libraries, bookstores, arts organizations like galleries, theaters, and museums but also “virtual spaces” that offer accessible meeting opportunities on a “neutral ground”. How could we activate third places as future venues for the co-production and sharing of knowledge? How could these places represent the diversity that exists in their surrounding community? Which methodologies, spaces, and tools could be integrated to activate third places as venues for transdisciplinary collaborations? What could educational institutions learn from these places? Do they need to be physical? Can we create digital or hybrid meeting spaces which provide similar opportunities to connect, co-create and share?

Application and costs

We welcome applications for in-person or online participation. We particularly encourage students and early-career researchers, whose institutions are part of the UniverCity Network. These applicants might be eligible for funding. For more information about the course, please visit SciCultureD official website or feel free to contact us via basel.myhub@city2science.de. Applications are open until 27th February (Applicants who wish to get funded)/13th March (Self-paid applicants).