On 7-8 December city2science conducted an interactive 2-day training for early career researchers at the renowned Barkhausen Institut.

The interdisciplinary and interactive training “Start the Dialogue, Open Up Science!” invited early career researchers to gain a new understanding and practical skills in science communication and public engagement. The course empowered researchers via a mix of input, reflections and practical sessions. A major goal of the training was to enable participants to develop a communication and engagement plan related to their individual research topic.

In the workshop, participants

  • gained an understanding of the role of science in society;
  • learned more about national and international developments in science communication and public engagement;
  • understood the importance of science communication to create trust in science in times of challenges;
  • gained qualifications in conducting strategic communication and engagement activities related to their research topic;
  • understood different roles and expectations of stakeholders, citizens and other target groups;
  • became aware of potential risks in communicating research to the public;

The Barkhausen research institute was founded in 2017 in Dresden, Saxony. It brings together researchers from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world, who develop break-through technology with the aim of increasing the dependability of IoT systems (Internet of Things), that includes ensuring availability, integrity and confidentiality. Doing so, researchers create a foundation of a trustworthy IoT which is one basis of a future “digital democracy”. Therefore, besides such scientific research, science communication plays an important role in everyday’s work of the Barkhausen Institut.