Project Description

Since January 2022 city2science supports the city of Paderborn in the development of a project for the application in the framework of the European Heritage Label in 2025. To develop an innovative project that is especially attrative for young people in Europe, a makerthon with young Europeans is being planned for September/ October 2022.

The “Urban Water Landscape Paderborn”, is a unique natural, cultural and economic space in the heart of a medium-sized European city. The aim of Paderborn’s application for the European Heritage Label is to highlight the symbolic value and significance of the “Urban Water Landscape Paderborn” as a representative of European water history in the context of ecology, economy and cultural heritage, to secure it sustainably and to develop it further in a future-oriented manner. Paderborn’s application approach is emblematic of a change in perspective towards a joint consideration of ecology, economy and cultural history in the sense of a systematic reappraisal and visualization of the topic of “water” within European history.

The “Urban Water Landscape Paderborn” not only represents the natural and cultural heritage of a medium-sized European city, but is also understood as a task for the future, especially in view of the challenges of the 21st century and the European Green Deal, which moves in the field of tension of diverse use and preservation claims. It is not only about the preservation of the cultural heritage, but also about the sustainable protection of the natural basis of life in the European city of the future.

On these topics, city2science is currently developing a concept for a makerthon (hackathon) in cooperation with the city of Paderborn, which invites European young people to develop ideas for a project that will become a central component of the application for the European Heritage Label.