Streets and squares, museums and theaters, laboratories and lecture halls: city2science opens up new meeting places and creates exciting experiences between city and campus.

Science Festivals or Maker Faires, student parliaments or researchers nights – city2science supports the conception and implementation of innovative public engagement formats. The office does not encourage mere “edutainment”, but strives to create sustainable educational experiences for creative minds of all ages and levels of education. Interactive, dialogue-oriented events are designed to strengthen existing alliances between actors from science, culture, economy and the city. Their aim is to sharpen the particular profile of the location on a local, regional, national and international level.

The services are based on many years of experience in the cooperative design and implementation of innovative events at the interface between science and the city. Impulses from the strategic work in European networks are always embedded in the consultation.

In addition to the design of new engagement formats, city2science provides professional support in the implementation of the events.

We offer


  • Analysis of the organisers’ individual profile
  • Strategic embedding of the planned event to the individual circumstances of the location
  • Analysis of current trends of science communication and public engagement with regards to the event
  • Target group recommendations for the event
  • Development of innovative and customized formats of science communication and public engagement
  • Project and budget planning
  • Research of funding opportunities, development of sponsoring concepts
  • Proposals for audience related marketing and communication strategies

Professional support of the implementation

  • Internal communication with all project participants
  • Management of participants (researchers, academics, students, stakeholders)
  • Selection and briefing of speakers
  • Selection and briefing of artists
  • Negotiations with venues
  • Research on offers, commissioning of cooperation partners (for example moderation, catering, technical security, etc.)
  • Project and budget planning
  • Moderation of project meetings and working groups for the preparation of the event
  • Training and workshops for scientists
  • Development of a content strategy for online communication (web and social media)
  • Implementation of the content strategy for online communication
  • Support in marketing activities
  • Editing of the programme
  • Implementation of the event on site
  • Follow-up of the event with all partners involved

Are you planning a Science Festival or any other Public Engagement Activities at the interface of science and society? We will create individual offers on request.

Do not hesitate to contact us!




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